Monday, 14 March 2011

Walk Cycle Test on Flash

I'm a beginner on Flash so excuse the crapness but today i tried to create a walk cycle BY MY SELF.
Have a look see- my man kinda looks a little ghetto :l

ps: Flash doesnt like to go onto my blog so im sorry for the weird ghost print that happens in the video. I swear that's not actually there...

I think this worked out quite well, considering my man has no toes :( and he bobs around a bit as he walks, his knees probably bend too much and he stays too long nearer the ground...

This is the same walk cycle- now with a background. This is to give me an idea of what my chosen style will look like. I think i may play around a bit more with stage colour so that it won't look so plain.

1 comment:

  1. those flipping shadows they leave in flash are so annoying i always get them when i export but you walk cycles are looking good miss yip.