Sunday, 20 March 2011

Let's face it.

Due to my perfectionist nature, i've been going back and forth just trying to perfect and tweek every detail before moving on-- which at this point is probably what i shouldn't be concentrating on and should be getting a move on, since my deadline is on Tuesday 4:20pm :l.

Compared to my storyline, i'm only on frame 12 out of 57. Great. I've started to face the fact that i probably won't get all my animation finished.

Looking back, i should have probably tried to charge on ahead without getting scared of the unknown complications of Flash; however, i didn't do this and instead tried to prepare myself against oncoming problems and stuff i haven't yet learnt (i.e. walk cycles)... i watched many YouTube tutorials in which they all do things differently. Many of them suggest or recommend using the bone tool exclusive to Flash CS5. But these stupid bone armatures seem to disappear every time i come back to them, making me have to wiggle them around until they appear EVERYTIME i want to work on it again :l. When i told this to my tutor, he said he doesn't trust this bone tool new crap and instead relies on old school classic tweening and frame by frame animation-- and if saved in a graphic, i can play the same walk cycle over n over without redoing it again like i do with effing bone tool.

Here's some of the tutorials i watched for Flash walk cycles: (some of which didn't help me at all or had an annoying man sucking his teeth every 5 seconds)

How To Do a Walking Animation

VTC- Animating with the Bone Tool

Anyway- here's my animation so far. I decided to change the horrific font to something more personal- like a handwritten font. I found this off of recommended by an advertising student i'm working with in another project. I've decided that i LOVE this font site (so easy to use!!!) and will definitely be using this in the future.

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