Monday, 14 March 2011


I'm trying to research some interesting animation styles for the confectionary project... a simple (and obvious) 2-D or 3-D animation wouldn't exactly be the most striking so we thought we'd do some research to try and spark up some inspiration:

I LOVE this style! always have. It's a mix between 3-D and 2-D.. almost like putting 3-D on a 2-D space. The characters have a sort of cut out effect, yet they're able to change their expressions- how do they d this?? it almost seems like magazine or photograph cut outs mixed with flash... it gives the advert an endearing charm- it reminds me of a kid playing around with paper dolls.

This advert reminds me of:

I used to watch this alot as a kid- looking back, im not sure why since the main character Angela has THE MOST ANNOYING VOICE IN THE WORLD. But, i did really like the animation style. Again, similar to the British Gas style but the characters seem more greyed out, like newspaper cut outs. The creators must have taken pictures of the characters from various angles and do the basic mouth shapes for talking (similar to normal 2-D animation) and then use Flash to switch the movements to make them look like they're talking.

Something slightly different:

I've always loved PES animations- they're so fun and creative! The method of using found objects to replace other things is ingenius and i know that it'd be hard to do this style for our idea but nonetheless- i absolutely love the idea. Maybe we could use actual rolos to replace animated ones??

Researching for actual cut out animations- i found this. It's very short but this animator used after effects to create the inbetweens for cut out movements. Therefore, making the overall style quite smooth and cartoony. i need to learn how to use after effects!!!

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