Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Life Drawing: Character Design

For this brief, we have to design 3 characters and put them in their environment. At the moment, i'm just designing my characters and several poses they could do to put them in a suitable composition.

My theme is burlesque/cabaret/50's pin-ups. Basically overly sexy poses which are making my housemates question my sexuality.

i'm definitely straight, I promise. I just love drawing women because they have more a shape and i tend to find it more fun to exaggerate and change them etc.

Anyways, this is stuff i've done so far: the first picture is a human figure i drew from imagination without any sort of cartoony style. Also, my style has been heavily influenced by the work of Rion Vernon, famous 1st pin-up girl Bettie Page and Jessica Rabbit- however, all these sketches i've drawn are my own, and some have been created using a burlesque pose photo reference (i exaggerated these poses myself).

i just noticed that the girl on the right looks a bit SpumCo'esque lol

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