Thursday, 18 March 2010

Set Design

Set design wasn't really my assigned area as the group had decided what they wanted to contribute most of their effort into. Mine was costumes, props, sound and editing. However, i still documented the making of the sets.

There was to be 2 different sets made, one was the main front view of the room, and one was a bird's-eye-view-warped-tunnel-esque view.

After experimenting and testing how to make a convincing effect for a brick wall, the set people made the walls from cardboard, string outlines for the bricks and a wash of acrylic and poster paints, mixed with sand in various shades of browns and greys. PVA glue was then dripped down to give a damp and wet feel when it dried clear. The floor was sponged on with grey paint.

The walls were screwed onto the set with nails and wood. And the "metal bars" for the window were paper straws painted grey :)


Bed (made from cardboard and canvas)

Gaz and i looking extremely excited about the pillow i made for the bed.

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