Friday, 19 March 2010

Filming Even More Cont'd

Part 3- Working out
The prisoner's working out. I think it worked out pretty good, although the bed starts collapsing heavily towards the end... Personally I think it adds to the effect :p

Part 3.5- Chalking up
We doubled the frame at the start of the chalk line and after to show strength in the drawing of the line. The slump afterwards just shows he's sick and tired.

Part 4- Throwing a Ball

Preliminary Research

The classic playing catch with himself, is a good gesture to emphasise boredom or loneliness. We used a blu-tac ball and attached it to his hand, his foot and then onto the floor, adding squash and stretch into the effect. For the flying back in the air, we attached a strand of Ashton's hair to the ball and dangled it from above and shot a frame :p it worked well! apart from the mattress sliding down slightly.

Part 5- Head Banging

Test 1
This test lacked weight on his head, it almost looks like he's stroking his head against the wall. It could also gain from being a bit faster. We thought it might also look slightly better if it was more of a close up zoom.


Part 6- Chalking up again
I think this scene is quite effective, it just shows the tiredness like all the other chalking scenes. I like how the chalk rolls off and he drops it :)

Part 7- Banging the Walls

Preliminary Research

This scene was split in two, as we noticed that the banging started to go off-screen. So i thought another perspective would be an easy solution as well as focusing on the activity he's doing. The walls move slightly everytime the hands touch the wall, but this couldn't have changed unless the walls were made stronger.

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