Friday, 19 March 2010

Filming Cont'd

The next part was all the following scenes. The cut scenes in fact, which emphasise the boredom that the character is feeling. The next part we filmed had no tests since it all worked out pretty good!.. thank god for that :)

Part 1- Waking up

Preliminary Research

He's seen to be bored, just woken up, scratches his balls, yawns, slumps down again and chalks off a day. I particularly like this opening scene because the fact he scratches his crotch might be quite crude but some (male-wise) of the audience will be able to emphathise with him, that he's only human and it's obviously a favourite past time for males in the mornings. Also, when he slumps down again after his yawn shows he isn't ready for the day and has nothing in particular to look forward to, and the fact he chalks of a day without even looking, emphasises this- it gives off the impression "i've been here for so goddamn long, i don't even have to look where to chalk off. This is pretty much the highlight of my day. I'm so bored."

The only criticisms i would have on this part is that his clothes keep dancing, but so early on in our learning stages, im not sure this can be helped because we have to touch him to move him so his clothes will obviously shift. Also, have you noticed the wiggly pillow monster?... Me too.

Part 2- Foot tapping
This was the first proper cut scene showing boredom. A simple foot tapping to entertain himself. I have to admit, i was a bit wary of this scene as to me, foot tapping would resemble waiting, and he's not waiting for anything!.. but being a team player, i took one for them.

Okay, so he pretty much is supposed to be seen tapping his foot, he looks out of the window hopefully, sees nothing and continues to tap his foot.

Test 1- (if this video is red, i'm sorry that's Blogspot's fault)

This first test was just to see whether we had got the speed of his foot down... Also, you might notice a HUGE glitch. That is because someone really cleverly nudged the camera, and so we tried to match it up again. But even the magic of onion skinning couldn't help us. Oh, and wiggly pillow monster strikes again.

The bed shifts. But i do like how his foot slows down as he proceeds to look out the window.

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