Friday, 19 March 2010

Getting down to it.. Intro Time


just a quick animatic so we get a taste of the type of things we want to happen

There are alot of tests, so i'll say what's going on, upload a video and comment on it :)

Frame 1: Bird's eye view of the prison, spinning intro.
To do this, we fixed the camera vertically onto a stop motion stage, looking down into the warped perspective set and covered the surrounding light with a cardboard box, cut to fit over the camera and set. We shone a light (covered with tracing paper to filter out some of the strength) through the window of the set to create atmosphere.

Test 1
This test was before we discovered that we had to block out the surrounding light, and so after this, the cardboard box was cut to fit over the camera and set; which meant that the lighting isn't focusing and there isnt much atmosphere. Also, we found that the base of the set spun unevenly so it started to fly off the edge.

Test 2
After the mishap before, we found a plastic CD case holder that could act a turn-table so that we could tape the set down onto it, spin it, and be able to keep it in the centre of the shot. And yay! it works :)

Test 3
We directed the light through the window, covered it with a couple of sheets of tracing paper so it stopped the light bleaching the shot. We filmed an 180 degree turn and it looked pretty pro. However, when reviewed with the rest of the group, we were concerned with the fact it was quite a short scene, and it was a bit of a shame since it looked so cool :p
We thought we'd try and lengthen it out, not by doing more turning but adding a zoom into the character.

Test 4- Final Intro
This is the final scene for our intro. We think it turned out pretty good and it'll blend in well with the following scenes.

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