Monday, 25 January 2010

Stop Motion Experimental

Forget the stickfas men! we were finally free to do just about anything we wanted. Granted that it went under the theme of either:
  • Growth
  • Dance
  • Sea/Wildlife
  • Conflict
We decided on conflict i guess, since all the ideas we were throwing out were more on that subject. We started brainstorming and eventually came to an idea of the character customisation set of when you play on video games, such as The Sims, Mass Effects, Tekken (and any other masculine games... i don't knwo many as i just so happen to be a girl). But anyway, the idea was to have the menu on one side with catagories on the aspects of the character we could change i.e. gender, clothes, hair, weapons etc. and we'd be able to shuffle through all these things and be able to get everyone in it, via the pixelation method (i.e. using people in stop motion animations). The twist at the end (and where all the conflict was) is that the character the gamer had created, comes out of his cupboard to beat him to death. The gamer than keeps pressing his console button to change the weapon to make it less dangerous (i suppose) and eventually turns the console off to make the guy disappear.

Okay, so i know it's hard to get here, but you'll understand when you see it (which you will coz i dont have many of the tests...)

One of the Tests
As the title cleverly indicates, this is only one of the tests as i couldn't gain access to the others yet. This is basically the entire animation without any single/double frame editing and no music.

Final Shebang
We made the menu sign ourselves, i did the font, and then we all brought clothes, costumes and outfits in to dress up to make the changes seem more entertaining... After all this was done, i was in charge of music and editing, so i managed to cut down slow scenes to single frame certain movements, slow down others, find all the music and sound effects and sort it out all on Final Cut Pro.

I'm quite happy with the outcome, i guess anything i could change? the lighting was a bit awful when we were filming, as none of us are lighting experts and err yeah, i hope most of the sounds fit, but yeah, i think im happy enough :)

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