Friday, 15 January 2010

Leaving it until last minute...

...probably not the best technique :(... but it was fun while it lasted but i thought it was probably about time that i blogged up the most memorable/my lectures.

I Met The Walrus

In 1969, a 14 year old boy managed to get his way into John Lennon's hotel and conduct an interview. Later in 2006-7, an animation was created using the dialogue. To me, after watching this animation, it was 5 minutes of pure genius. The video took the very literal meanings of the speech and composed illustrations of what they thought would be forming in the child's mind and way of thinking. Josh Raskin's focus was on the interview itself. "I just wanted to literally animate the words, unfurling in the way I imagined they would appear inside the head of a baffled 14-year-old boy interviewing his idol."

This was exactly the type of animation i usually enjoy, very illustrative, creative and a mix between text and visual. basically, it was just bloody awesome.

Spirited Away

I'm not going to lie, i've seen this film before, many times and it still blows me away every time i watch it, as does every other studio ghibli film on the shelf. I really admire the detail that goes into every frame, and every movement. They manage to capture very subtle but expressive emotions of humans but somehow manage to still animate them onscreen so they're easily picked up on, i also love how there's no limitations in their character designs, no matter how surreal. I noticed in this film that "Yubaba" the villian in the story, has an absolutely enormous head, about 3/4 the size of Sen's entire body, just to make the character look more frightening, gruesome but highly expressive. Absolutely packed with creativity, imagination and fantasy as studio ghibli is well known for, it really is pretty stunning... which is obviously no surprise sincr all they're other films are too :p

[more to come]

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