Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Materials and Sculpting

After doing this, we took pictures of them, some with different contrasts of lighting. Please forgive my poor pictures!! i'm not talented at photography of any sort!... let alone being set loose with lighting props :(.. however, special care was taken, turning off the strong lamps stopped the models from melting :)

I found the animation clay easy enough to work with but took a lot of patience to try and smooth out when you accidently stabbed it with your nails... also it was a bit frustrating when colours started to mix slightly when they touched and moulded... Also, i used beads for the eyes, the holes stood for the pupils, not the most effective way but at least you can still kind of tell they're meant to be eyes. I knew i'd find it quite difficult to keep the head shapes and features consistent so i thought id start easy with a base round head shape and add on other dimensions, such as his cheeks, ears and nose with a round ball moulded onto the base.

Take a look at my very unattractive pig. Makes a change as people seem to think the only characters i design seem to be quite cute :p

Evil Piggy

"Grossed-Out"/Sarcastic Piggy

Pervy/Flirty Piggy

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