Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Recording Sound

So i finally got round to recording most of the script (most, because im thinking of changing parts, but i can easily go back and do that)...

My lovely boyfriend agreed to be a poncy douchey carrot voice, inspired by those awe-inspiring accents from Made in Chelsea haaa...

Here is some photographic evidence, check out the professionalism!

When infact, we had no idea how to use any of the fancy equipment, so this is what we ACTUALLY did...

Far less impressive with a cardboard poster tube as a mic stand and a tiny recorder borrowed from his housemate. Student Lyf.

I also look unimpressed.
But i'm not really, except at my ginormous calves in this picture. Attractive.

Have an amusing blooper from today:

I have many more- but they're not quite as amusing. Enjoy sparingly.

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