Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Direction

So having gone to uni and received feedback, I found i was on the right track but needed to up the ante on the comedy value... so i've redone the script- so that it has more of a narrative and you learn a bit more about the extra characters.

It does mean however, that some of the work i've done on the stills wouldn't be used, and i have to make new images for the new script.. I also still have to storyboard the script, and decide which animation styles are going where, record the voice, dopesheet it, and finally, ANIMATE. phew. alot to do.

Anyway, for one part of the story, Carrot talks about how his sex tape got leaked. Quite literally... So i've been doing the rather disturbing imagery for that. IT might not be mega kinky but i would be lying if i said i felt entirely comfortable doing it :P

I still need to greyscale it and make it look like it;s on a newspaper, but the base of the image is done anyway (i think).

The faces are simplistic and different from the other images, but i think i like that... Anyway, have a look for yourself.

From this (provocatively placed veggies):

To this:

Okay... So 40 mins later, and i've tried my best to make it look like it's been papped into a newspaper:

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