Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just a check up

So this is basically the base animation completed- obviously it needs a few tweaks and also a background!! that will come in later once im happy with the entire animation.

Again, sorry about the glitches and the squished frame- hopefully you can get the idea. i've decided that when it comes to exporting the final animation, i'll do it frame by frame and put it together again in another programme as Flash tends to be tempremental.

Having looked at this test, i got some feedback and decided i would change some things, i asked housemates, the boyfriend and asked fellow students on the facebook group:

after this helpful load of feedback i decided i would change the following:
1) have the whisk squint his eyes when whisking
2) make the blogname at the end of the advert, more legible and bigger
3) change the positioning of the 
4) lengthen the frames for the time the flour is on the floor
5) see if i could make a bigger poof for the butter

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