Saturday, 3 December 2011

Changes made...any amendments?

So i made the appropriate changes, and even added in a crude background... im still unsure about it- whether the background's too garish or the cake's too colourful at the end, im not quite sure!.. something's not right anyway... i might have to play around with this.

adding the bigger poof for the butter proved to be difficult, it looked a bit too overdone and i don't think it suited. I did however try it and i think i preferred the way it was, so reverted back to the original in this section.

i also tried exporting the video as an image sequence and put them all into photoshop to export as a final mov file- to rid of the glitches and have a proper frame size- and it worked better!! although the quality has much to be desired, it is only jpeg images, maybe the final i'll export as bitmaps..

(err... for some reason bloggers rejecting uploading the video file... bear with me)

1 hour later..
So i thought id fixed all my problems by animated the image sequence in photoshop to get rid of all the glitches but now it wont upload anywhere because of the file size. ACE!

Anyway, since that mishap, i have actually changed the animation AGAIN- this time changing the cake because the colours just werent working for me, i just made the cupcake colours compliment the background and lettering at the end to make it look more like a finishing image.

Oh, and i added a cherry drop at the end.

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