Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Adobe Flash Course

I went on an Adobe Flash Course for 2 days and i learnt a heck of a lot of stuff that i definately couldn't have taught myself... It was very thorough and quite intense but luckily i managed to come out the other end with a shiny new certificate and a complementary Flash "Classroom In A Book" err book.

Below is some evidence i actually went :)... Also, there are some pictures of the work i did, unfortunately the don't move or anything since i stupidly forgot to copy the base files over.. and i'm not a tech pro so i have no idea how to get flash imagery on my blog. SO i hope these still images will suffice. 2 exercises are missing as the files didn't copy properly :(

The Flash Manual and evidence of note-taking :P

My certificate

The very first exercise. Intro to layers, and how to use the timeline.

Learning how to use drawing tools, modifying colours and shapes, using stamps, creating and editing text.

Learning how to use motion paths and animating layers.

Creating a moving bone structures, adding spring and constrictions.

Creating a motion movie poster. Learning about alpha transparencies, blurring, movie clips, motion tweens, 3D rotation and using motion editor with the timeline.

More bone structure and learning about authortime or runtime.

Creating websites, buttons with up, down, over and hit imagery, text editing and action scripting.

Adding video to websites and converting files using Adobe Media Convertor.

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