Monday, 16 November 2009

Acting and Filming

To get a general idea of the overall movement, I filmed Joe and I acting out the characters and what they would be doing in the animation so that i could refer to the movements and make sure i get them right. The movements are all very animated and exaggerated so they're easier to compare and draw out.

Here is one video i compiled to just show the general conversation... Obviously in the final animation, both the characters will be on screen and i still have the original footage to go back, but i thought it might be easier to show as an example/taster when put together:

Since i was already in the flow of filming and editing, i thought id seize the opportunity to film my facial expressions and saying the dialogue... Later on, this will help me with lip syncing the characters and make sure they're displaying the right expressions with different tones of voice to make it more convincing.

Male Dialogue

Female Dialogue

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